What’s new?

I was recently working on a career in Computer Networking, thinking I wanted to branch off into that field, only to discover that this is NOT something I care to pursue. At least not in the traditional sense of working on routers and switches for a corporation. I still have an interest in the telephony side of things but that will have to wait for now.

Currently I am trying to ease myself back into the Art world again after nearly 12 years away from it, in a professional capacity. I am currently getting into Adobe Illustrator, Blender 3D and Unity game maker. I like to expand my knowledge as far as my time and skill set will allow. But working full time in a corporate environment is exhausting and tends to dull any sense of creativity. So, I am doing my best to push my self to learn these new skills. Only time will tell what I am able to accomplish.


The Basics are in Place

Yay! I have finally found the time and energy to get the Home site up and running. Please feel free to drop me a line to let me know what you think of the New Synsapsis Art Studios Web site. At this time there are links to this WordPress site, Instagram, Zazzle and LinkedIn. I will be adding some of my old Art pieces and some new Drone videos I have been working on. Stay tuned.

Getting into the swing of things again

Though I have a degree in Graphic Design I actually have not worked on a commission or an art project in over 8 years.

Along the road of life I found myself at a job where my skills as an Artist were no longer required and my professional career took more to learning databases and spread sheets. Though challenging there was little room for creativity or imagination. I now find myself in place in life where I may be able to start to focus on Art and all of its wonders once again.

I don’t mention this for pity points, I mention this to let others know that when adult life happens (Family, Kids, Artist jobs being under appreciated etc.) there is still time to get back what has been passed by for so long for reasons sometimes out of your control.

This site is my new attempt at just that.


Hello and welcome to the personal site that is all about me Drol Alarid II.

I will post ideas and projects that I am currently working on from time to time.

Feel free to leave your comments, please play nice with the banter though.

Thank you for checking out my first WordPress site.